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"Gadina Africana"

"Gadina Africana"

Bringing the floral beauty of the African continent to Chicago--the annual Flower Show drew thousands of visitors and required extensive planning and maintenance. In addition to the plantings, please note the large hanging sculpture in the Atrium and oversized animals--"beaded" with glass marbles--on the ledges.

"Some of our most successful projects at Marshall Field's and Macy's were planned a year in advance, with sizeable budgets--others were executed successfully with a minimum of time and money". 

Work with someone who is sensitive to your brand, your budget and your priorities.  Amy brings a wealth of experience to each challenge yet emphasizes new solutions and reimagined approaches in order to respond to changing marketplace trends. 


POP-UP ART LOOP: Empty storefronts? The Chicago Loop Alliance filled vacant properties with pop-up galleries throughout downtown Chicago.  Behind the scenes, the spaces could be rough but by creating gallery walls, logos and lighting, raw interiors were transformed into eye-catching art installations.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENT MUSEUM:  One instrument from every country around the globe.  A daunting task for the Collection and Curatorial teams at MIM.  Just as daunting was the task to create number of  Level  4 exhibits (artifact + 3D environment, audio and video) for Steinway, Martin guitars and the Shakuhachi from Japan.  Personal favorite? Steinway.  You want to take the piano apart? Yes!

CHICAGO’S FOODSEUM: The Foodseum is a start-up, pop-up museum dedicated to feeding your curiosity. With an inaugural exhibit tracing the history of the Hot Dog and Encased Meats, it was important to trace the various spices and flavors that created distinctive sausages around the globe.  With the help of a Chicago muralist and the Foodseum Design team, the International Spice exhibit connected the dots—literally.